US Kids Golf North of Ireland Local Tour Launched

Spring Local Tour Information for Players and Parents

The first U.S. Kids Golf Local tour in the UK and Ireland, North of Ireland local tour, is fast approaching with the first event scheduled for 15th April. The tour comprise 6 events to be held during April and May.

The Schedule for The North of Ireland Local Tour

Tournament Event Date
Registration Opens
Late Registration
Ardglass Golf Club Apr 15, 2018 Dec 7 - Apr 10 Apr 11 - Apr 12
Ballycastle Golf Club Apr 22, 2018 Dec 7 - Apr 10 Apr 18 - Apr 19
Shandon Park Golf Club Apr 28, 2018 Dec 7 - Apr 10 Apr 24 - Apr 25
Allen Park Golf Centre, Antrim May 6, 2018 Dec 7 - Apr 10 May 2 - May 3
Galgorm Castle Golf Club May 13, 2018 Dec 7 - Apr 10 May 9 - May 10
Lurgan Golf Club* May 20, 2018 Dec 7 - Apr 10 May 16 - May 17

*Tour Championship

This is a very exciting opportunity to introduce tournament golf to kids. They will enjoy being on the course, making new friends and getting to spend time on the course with parents.

How to take part

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Registration is currently open for all events

To register please follow this link

Please note all registration is done via the U.S. Kids golf website, the currency is in US dollars however you pay the equivalent amount in sterling. Kids can sign up to as many or as few events as they wish to play in.

Qualify for the US Kids Golf European and World Championships

An added benefit in playing in the North of Ireland local tour events is the opportunity to qualify for the European Championships in Scotland or even the World Championships in Pinehurst. In order to qualify kids must earn “Priority Status” which can only be obtained by playing in a local tour season. Details of priority status can be found on the US Kids website.

This is a very exciting opportunity for kids in this area to become tournament golfers. One of the best ways for kids to develop a sense of appreciation, loyalty and success is to become a tournament player. The experience will give each kid an excellent appreciation for their development and the work they invest in their game. Above all they'll love taking part. All kids should be encouraged to join The US Kids North of Ireland Local Tour.

Tournament Information from US Kids Golf

The US Kids website contains lots of information on US KIds Golf tournaments, local tours with a specific section for parents and how to support players. Information includes:

Tournaments and Local Tours
Qualifying for European and World Championships
Parents section
US Kids Tournament Rules and Regulations

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