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U.S. Kids North of Ireland Spring Tour - Tournament information

Here are some frequently asked questions which will help new tour competitiors and those who competed last year. There is also an advice section from US Kids at the bottom of this article.

Frequently asked questions

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How do I enter

All entries are processed online at the North of Ireland Local Tour page on the US Kids website. To enter you must:

1. Register for the North of Ireland Spring Tour.
2. Once registered, you may enter as many events on the North of Ireland Spring Tour as you wish.

How do I confirm my child is registered for an event?

You will receive a confirmation email once you have registered your child for an event. If you would like to follow your child’s registrations online, you can do so by logging into your USKG Club Account, and select “Tournament Registrations” from the menu. A green “registered” and check mark will appear next to each event the player is registered for. You can also find your player future and past registrations by logging into your USKG Club Account, and selecting “My Players” from the menu. Click the player's name to view registrations.

Can I see who has entered

Yes, there is a page for each event on the North of Ireland Local Tour page. The links on the event page show:

1. The Tournament field ie who has entered the event
2. The Tee Times, this link only becomes live two days before the event once the draw is complete.
3. Tournament Results, this link becomes active after all players for all age groups have completed their round and returned their cards to the scorers.

When do entries close

Entries for each event close five days before the event. However, late entries are accepted after the closing date up to three days before the event. Late entries will be charged an additional late entry fee.

Can I enter after official registration closes (Late registration additional fee*)

Yes, late entries are accepted after the closing date up to three days before the event. Late entries will be charged an additional late entry fee. No further entries can be accepted after this time.

When is the draw made

The draw is made two days before the event.

Can I enter after the draw is made

No, the latest time entries are accepted is three days before the event. Once the draw is made no additional entries are possible as the order of play is finalized.

Where can I see the draw

There is a link for Tee Times on each event page. The link only becomes live when the draw has been completed two days before the event.

If you follow @zoeallengolf on twitter, a tweet will be sent when the draw goes live. Also if you follow the facebook page US Kids Golf North Of Ireland there will be a post once the draw goes live.

Can I caddie for my child?

Yes, US Kids encourage parents to caddie for their children. The player-caddie relationship is important at every level. Players at U.S. Kids Golf events are encouraged to have parent-caddies to help them play their best. Allowing caddies is part of our commitment to encouraging family interaction that builds lasting memories.

Caddies are required for players age 8 and under. For more information, please see the Caddie Rules.

How do I cancel my registration for an event?

Each event has a Refund Policy. All cancellations and refunds can be completed by logging into your USKG Club account, and selecting “Tournament Registrations” from the menu. Under the green “registered” check mark will be a red “withdraw” link. Click on the red “withdraw” link to view the refund amount and remove your player from the event. Click “go back” to remain in the event. Once the “withdraw” button has been selected, the player will be removed or marked as withdrawn from the event based on the refund policy. This action cannot be undone once the final “withdraw” has been selected.

If I cannot make it to the upcoming event, can I transfer the fees to the next event?

No, fees cannot be transferred between events. You will have to withdraw from the upcoming event and register separately for the next event. Our Refund Policy will apply accordingly when withdrawing from the event.

Qualify for the US Kids Golf European and World Championships

An added benefit in playing in the North of Ireland local tour events is the opportunity to qualify for the European Championships in Scotland or even the World Championships in Pinehurst. In order to qualify kids must earn “Priority Status” which can only be obtained by playing in a local tour season. Details of priority status can be found on the US Kids website.

This is a very exciting opportunity for kids in this area to become tournament golfers. One of the best ways for kids to develop a sense of appreciation, loyalty and success is to become a tournament player. The experience will give each kid an excellent appreciation for their development and the work they invest in their game. Above all they'll love taking part. All kids should be encouraged to join The US Kids North of Ireland Local Tour.

Tournament Information from US Kids Golf

The US Kids website contains lots of information on US KIds Golf tournaments, local tours with a specific section for parents and how to support players. Information includes:

Tournaments and Local Tours
Qualifying for European and World Championships
Parents section
US Kids Tournament Rules and Regulations

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