Zoe Allen receives the US Kids top 50 Coach award from Dab Van Horn

Zoe receives US Kids top 50 Coach award at the PGA Show in Orlando

Zoe Allen was only one of five PGA Professionals from outside USA to be presented with a U.S. Kids Top 50 Teachers Award at the 2018 PGA Show in Orlando.  The ceremony, hosted by former Golf Channel Presenter Jennifer Mills, recognises the top 50 US Kid’s coaches for 2017. In addition, those who have won the award for the third time are given the title of US Kids Master teacher.

US Kids Golf Top 50 Award Ceremony

In his welcome speech, Dan Van Horn, President and Founder of U.S. Kids Golf said,

"These coaches are honoured as much more than instructors of golf, they create outstanding opportunities for young golfers to learn in a fun and rewarding environment that instils a love for the game and encourages the entire family to enjoy the game. Their ability to connect with students and fully engage them in the learning process sets them apart."

Zoe, who is based at Lurgan Golf Club has a passion for junior Golf and designs programmes to make Golf a fun experience for children. Zoe commented,

"To be named a Top 50 US Kids Coach is a real honour. It's definitely the highlight of my coaching career so far. There are so many great coaches out there and to be recognised for the coaching programmes that I run at Lurgan is special."

Zoe has spent time at the Michelle Holmes School of Golf in Chesapeake, Virginia, observing the teaching techniques employed there. Michelle is a respected coach and a U.S. Kids Master teacher.

Being part of the US Kids family is great. I’ve been very fortunate to get to spend time with Michelle Holmes from the Michelle Holmes School of Golf in Virginia and I’ve learnt so much from her and other great coaches that I've been able to meet.

Lurgan has a very strong kids and youth section that is increasing in numbers each year. Zoe commented,

"I am very fortunate I get to be at a great golf club with an ever growing junior section, kids are starting the game younger and younger at Lurgan, we have fantastic facilities, and I have a very supportive Head Professional Peter Hanna."

Peter, the current PGA Vice-Captain, explained the impact Zoe has had on the club since taking up her role in 2014.

"It's a great asset to Lurgan Golf Club to have somebody who is as passionate about coaching and in particular junior golf coaching as Zoe is."

Zoe has no time to rest as she launches the first U.S. Kids Golf Local Tour in Ireland, The North of Ireland Local Tour. Zoe will bring her experience of running local and State Tournaments in U.S.A, the European Championships and the World Championships held at Pinehurst each year.

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US Kids Golf Top 50 Awards Ceremony

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