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Zoe to receive second US Kids top 50 Coach award

Zoe to receive second US Kids top 50 Coach award

Zoe has had a great start to 2019 as she has just been named a US Kids Top 50 Coach for the second year running.

Each year US Kids recognise 50 exceptional coaches who are committed to developing junior golf in their communities. Zoe is one of only 8 coaches outside USA who will receive the award from Dan Van Horn, President and Founder of U.S. Kids Golf, at the annual PGA Show in Orlando, Florida at the end of January.

2018 was a busy year for Zoe, further developing her US Kids teaching programme at Lurgan’s Golf Academy, establishing the US Kids North of Ireland Local Tour, the first US Kids Local Tour in Great Britain & Ireland and officiating at The US Kids European Championships in Gullane, The US Kids World Championships at Pinehurst, The US Kids Venice Open and recently in Florida at the US Kids Holiday Classic in West Palm Beach.

Each year, since 2004, US Kids have honoured top coaches dedicated to developing junior golf. In addition, those who receive the Top 50 Coach award on three occasions, join an elite group of 167 coaches who become US Kids Master Teachers, no doubt this will further inspire Zoe.

Follow this link for a full list of those professionals receiving the 2019 US Kids Top 50 Coaches Award.

US Kids World Championships

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